My interest in the tenor banjo lies chiefly in the early days, as ragtime gave way to proto jazz and popular music, that is, the late 1910s to 30s. However, it dawned on me that the tuning was the same as the cello, and therefore I could read Bach’s cello music straight from the score, albeit an octave higher…

More to come. In the meantime:

Bach – for the tenor and cello banjo

Emile Grimshaw – the English banjo master

A. J. Weidt –  from the dawn of the jazz era

Frank Littig – forgotten tenor composer

William Foden – Author of the Paramount Method For Tenor Banjo

Raising The Standard – Irish/Scots arrangements for CGDA tuning, and a capo at the second fret. This tuning is used by some Irish-banjo legends, such as Gerry O’Connor

The Scottish Tenor Banjo – my arrangements of Scottish lute music for the tenor banjo, plus a short history of the banjo in Scotland.