Moyer’s Superior Method for Plectrum Banjo (1927)

There are 74 pages, culminating in “Jazz Strokes”, but little of the book would be of use to jazz players. It’s a good method book for learning to read CGBD tuning, as good as any I’ve seen. The repertoire is popular-style melodies, waltzes and mazurkas. Some duets for two plectrum banjos. It even has things like “Arkansas Traveler”, “Turkey In The Straw”, etc, which gives another field of play for the plectrum banjoist. And why not? I feel the plectrum banjo could play in many more styles than it does

Juanita and Ballade from “Moyer’s Superior Method for Plectrum Banjo”:

Waltz in Eb from “Moyer’s Superior Method for Plectrum Banjo”: