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Ballad No.1 by Alfred Cammeyer (arranged MacKillop) and “Dance” from Arthur Black’s Method for the Plectrum Banjo. 

My favourite composer for the banjo is Alfred Cammeyer, an American who lived in England, where he was influential in the development of the zither banjo. You can see me playing his music on a beautiful zither HEREHowever…I am not a great fan of the zither banjo! It was strung with a mixture of gut and steel strings, played fingerstyle, while largely avoiding the fifth string altogether. I genuinely believe his beautiful, poetic and subtle compositions sound better on the plectrum banjo. You can be the judge by comparing the performances on the Zither page to the following. I seem to have paired one piece with another from Arthur Black’s Method for the Plectrum banjo, an excellent publication from before the jazz era:


Albumblatt by Alfred Cammeyer (arranged MacKillop) – ‘Albumblatt’ refers to a piece of music in a sheet-music album: