My name is Rob MacKillop. Welcome to my exploration of the banjo.

I’ve recorded around 100 videos – most of them will appear on this site, along with my thoughts about the instruments used, the repertoire, techniques and composers. The US Publisher, Mel Bay has published two of my banjo books, details and sound files here. I also have two download albums of banjo music on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and elsewhere.

I like to dig deep into the history of any instrument I play, try to find original banjos of the day, or have period reproductions made. I study the techniques used at different periods of the banjo’s long history. And I use appropriate strings for the period – gut or steel.

Feel free to make comments on any of the site’s pages, or send me questions and comments: robmackillop@gmail.com

“Rob brings many things to the table that the four-string banjo world desperately needs: A high level of music education/knowledge, a proven, critically-acclaimed performance record on several fretted instruments, a strong sense for historical preservation, a delicate musical touch on an instrument mostly known for loud and fast entertainment, and—the thing I personally need the most—a swift kick in the pants! He is raising the musical bar for all of us, and I for one look forward to the hard work ahead just to try to keep up.” Ron Hinkle

“Thank you, thank you thank you, Rob! Absolutely beautiful in every way” Bill Evans

“Wonderful! This stuff really rings my bell. I am so glad you did this. It shows another way that the banjo can be used to great effect. Your work can and I hope will, bring new paradigms to our favorite instrument. With that, I hope new devotees will flock to our shores! Superb playing my friend!” Steve Caddick. 

Rob, you are truly a star in the string world! You sound great and your research is really wonderful. Keep up the great work, I’m enjoying it enormously. The sound and playing are wonderful! I absolutely love your passion. Needless to say your ability and performance of the material is strikingly wonderful. You bring a Noble Legitimacy to the banjo world that has been missing far far too long! We all owe a debt of thanks to you for bringing these wonderful things to our attention. These last few years have brought some new heroes of the banjo to me and you my friend are certainly one of them!! Your friend, Eddy Davis (The Manhattan Minstrel and Woody Allen’s banjo player)